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I just got word today at work that we are switching from Aetna QPOS to BCBS HMO of IL. I had BCBS when I worked for Motorola. I maintained it under COBRA when I was laid off. We were on the last 2 months of COBRA when Tom had to have his bypass. I loved it then and looking over the paperwork now I think I will love it again. It is definitely cheaper than we are paying for Aetna and the benefits are much better.

As long as I have maintained insurance with no gaps which I have then Tom's pre-existing condition is not a pre-existing condition. :D

I believe this will be a happy change.


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DEnise I went from My own NC BCBS to a group plan wiht ruths Chris and had no isssues with BCBS of Pa for coverage when Deb was sick! You should be happpy wiht BCBS!!!

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