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Insurance Questions

Heather J

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I haven't posted in this forum before. I'm not quite sure why because it just dawned on me that I may be able to help or at least try and find out answers to questions that someone may have.

I work in the medical insurance industry (Please don't pelt me with rotten eggs :lol: ) When my Mother was first diagnosed with LC her oncologist wanted to put her on Neulasta to help her WBC during chemo. When the doctor's office called her insurance company they told them that they would need all of her records and the review could take up to 10 days. Of course we needed the injection the very next day.

Knowing the inner workings of the insurance industry I immediately got on the phone and after an hour or so of going though each level of the company I finally got them to approve the injection without the review.

I would be more than happy to help anyone any way I can. If I don't know an answer I could certainly research it since I have somewhat of an inner track. Every insurance company is different but everything is worth a try!

During this whole process I've felt very blessed for the blessings we've had with my Mother's health. I've wanted to be able to give something back and I hope that at least this may be a start.


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I don't need any insurance help right now, but where were you about 5 months ago when I was getting my $79,000 hospital bills?? :roll::lol:

Seriously, that is so wonderful that you are willing to help. I know for myself, needing medical insurance for something more than the flu was an eye opener!!! Thank you for being here and I am glad that your mom is doing great!!!

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I know it's overwhelming. I have been in the industry for about 9 yrs and it's amazing how I seem to know much more about my clients insurance benefits then my own.

I can't imagine trying to decipher all this gobbly goo without having experience. My hats off to everyone that has done so well already!

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