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Just started chemo and radiation a week ago. Had Cisplatin in the hospital on Mon, the rest of the week Etoposide and radiation, then back into the hospital for Cisplatin again tomorrow, and Neulasta on Tues. Xmas was probably not the best time to start all of this and hasn't seemed to come with any "instructions". The biggest problem I'm having is bad stomach ache / muscle spasms. It just doesn't stop, and is very wearing. I have several prescriptions for nausea, but this isn't nausea -- just pain. Don't know if the prescriptions are helping or hurting.

Has anyone else had this -- any suggestions as to what I might try. Kids are leaving tomorrow and it seems like I've been out of it since they arrived.

Sorry - don't know if this has made much sense. Thanks for any help.


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Hi Diane

Not sure if I can help you with your question, but I do understand what it is like starting chemo during Christmas. i began chemo, Cisplatin/Vinerolbine, a few days before Christmas last year. I can't recall having stomach pain but I certainly was out of it for a couple days following chemo. I would ask your chemo team about it. They have alot of different meds now to deal with the side effects of chemo. Hope they can get it under control for you.

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Hi Diane. My guess would be it is those helpful but nasty anti-nausea drugs. They help with the nausea but basically seize up some of your stomach functions. I certainly had them. I seem to recall that I started to feel a bit better after day 3 or 4 after chemo. So, if you have your nausea under control it may be an idea to consider taking less anti-nausea. However, the nurses wouldn't advise that. Because once nausea starts it is hard to control. Sorry no quick fixes on how to help other than non spicy foods. Hopefully you will get over your pains fairly quickly.


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Hi Diane,

Your treatment last week sounds identical to mine, almost 5 years ago.

I didn't have problems with stomach pain though. Does the nurses know whats been bugging you? Sometimes they have something else to counteract the problem.

Are you drinking lots and lots of water during your treatment week? I felt more tired and ache if I didn't drink a full 8 glasses of water a day.

I hope you find some comfort soon for your tummy. Keep us posted,


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