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Dad with stage 4 lung cancer


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Hi, Michelle, welcome to LCSC. I'm sorry to hear about your father's diagnosis, and hope we can help you and perhaps him with any issues you may have.

First, as you will probably hear from others, we don't place much if any stock in prognosis statistics. While the average/mean survival time may be a certain number of months for a certain stage of lung cancer, these numbers have essentially no relevance for any individual patient — there are simply too many variables, such as general health, how early or late the diagnosis was arrived at, how aggressive a particular cancer is, and more.

What chemo combination was tried with your father? After that was discontinued, were any other options offered? How is he feeling now?

Please read through some of the personal stories here, either in the My Story forum or in the profile section of most of the messages in any forum. Perhaps you'll see a parallel in some that will give you and your dad a better perspective and some hope. Much Aloha,


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Hi Michelle. I am glad you found us but so sorry about your need to be here. Ned has asked lots of good questions that will help us help you. Please do tell us more and keep us posted on how he is doing. As Ned said, you will read lots of inspirational stories here and most of all, HOPE. Take care


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