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Tuesday's Air


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Morning blue, welcome back. Lynn, my husband hunts in Ohio now. He's used to the variety in size of game: first new Jersey years ago, then PA for a dozen years or so and then no hunting at all for a number of years. I think they're happy for the sport and fellowship so I don't think the size will matter so much even though he jokes about it.

Dominick had Karate practice until late last night so he's still asleep. I keep telling myself I didn't make the promise he wanted me to make about waking him if I got up early. I can't stand to wake a sleeping child. We've been reading The Giver. It's in the young reader section of the bookstore. I spotted it when we were at Barnes and Noble in Washington last year and he didn't want it. Later in the year it was in a book selection at school and he picked it. It is one of the best books I've read in a long time. But what is fabulous is how eager he is for every next chapter. He hates to read aloud so I read to him but the last two nights he's asked to read when I say my throat is done.

We're having fun. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Glad to hear your enjoying yourself and your grandson Judy.

It is off to the pulmonologist with tom today. I believe he will be on the O2 for quite some time more. He is really not doing so great in the last couple of days. Last night was pretty bad.

I'll update when I get back.


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