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Friday's Air


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Hi Everyone..

I have not been on lately.. the holidays have been busy and I really haven't had much to say.

Today I went my 7th funeral in 8 months. My Dad's cousin died last Sat. Its such a sad and terrible situation. He was an alcoholic and drug addicit. The drug part, no one really kjnew for sure how bad it was. His 17 yr old daughter found him in the bathroom on the floor with a needle stuck in his arm. So terrible.

Well.. I need to get Russell to take a nap. Talk to you all soon


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Shelli, that's awful. It's hard to be going through so many loses and this one is particularly tragic. His poor daughter.

I'm really late coming in today because I spent most of the day on the couch. I've had a cold or raging allergies or something, sore throat and just feeling blah for a few days now.

Son and family are coming in tomorrow. I was trying to rest up and be positive about it but with them it's always something. My son called tonight and casually in the course of a meaningless conversation asked if his boys could spend time alone with me before Wendy and Dominick comes over. I told him Dominick is already here (oh is he staying with you in the coach? Yeah!) and I would deal with it. They have come to Key West to visit once in three years and only seldom come to see us when we are in Port St Lucie only three hours away. Their lives are so busy (and of course no one else's are busy) but they want things their way the few times they do visit.

Sorry, I really needed to vent.

Judy in Key West

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