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A Christmas Story

Don Wood

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Last year this time, Lucie was in the hospital with dehydration and bacterial infection. Later in the month, she came down with a staph infection that went systemic and she almost died. We spent Christmas in ICU. We didn't think she would be here this Christmas, and we are so thankful she is! We have much to celebrate. It seems appropriate to share at this time a beautiful story that happened to us this time last year.

As I said, Lucie was in the hospital and I was tying up the loose ends for Christmas. I was eating by myself in a restuarant Lucie and I frequented. We knew the waitress very well. We always asked for her. We took an interest in her and her life.

Well, she knew Lucie was in the hospital, so she asked me if all the presents were wrapped. I saind, "Yes, except for the ones Lucie bought for me." Without hesitation, she said "I can do that -- I can wrap them." So I took her up on her gracious offer. She came over to the house that Saturday with her sister-in-law and wrapped the presents. She brought a basket of fruits and nuts, some cookies and some soup for Lucie! I had tears in my eyes that this lady would give us such a great gift of herself.

That act really helped make a very difficult Christmas one to celebrate and reflect on what was good. Who says there is no Santa Claus?! We are so blessed.

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You are so right. Sometimes we just don't seem to realize it. Even as crazy as this world is, there are still people out there who care. God is good to us and he takes care of us. He touches us in so may ways. May God Bless you and Lucie during this holiday season. I hope this is one of the happiest of seasons for both you and Lucie... "Merry Christmas"

Thank You Jesus for all that you do...


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Thanks for sharing this wonderful Christmas story with us. When you or someone in your family is stricken with an illness support and caring mean so much and can come to you in so many unexpected ways.

Many years ago my husband was gravely ill and was in a hospital thousands of miles from home, I was alone out there with him, the prognosis was very bad, I was told his chances of survival were less than 2%, he was on an artificial heart and I was waiting for my children to arrive from the east coast. I met two women in the waiting room outside of intensive care, they had heard about my husband, their husbands were also post op heart surgery patients at the hospital. These women made sure I got something to eat, stayed with me, brought me coffee and prayed with me. When I finally got back to my hotel room there was a beautiful flower arrangement from one of them. It had been sent to one of their husbands but they thought I could use cheering up so they found out where I was staying and sent it over. I will never forget their kindness and when I tried to thank them and express my gratitude they told me to just pass it on to someone in need someday.

Bess B

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