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Sunday'a Air


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Morning everyone! I've been here but mostly reading too.

I hate to rub it in, but it's hot here. :) And humid...and my allergies are worse than ever. So I'm in an antihistime haze most of the time--when I'm not asleep!

Bruce, I hate to sound stupid but what does it being cold have to do with the planes being loud??

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My feeble attempt at poetry

Here I sit sick again

My head and throat

all wracked with pain

Taking a deep breath is hard for me

Why doesn't sickness just let me be?

Yep, so I have another cold or something upon me now. I got the heaviness back in my chest but no cough. It seems to be mostly in my head with some SOB.

I had to get up early again and take my bro to community service. My cars doors are frozen again and I can't get the drivers door to unlock. I had to crawl in and out of the passenger side which didn't help the breathing much.

I think I will take a big dose of my promethazine w/codeine and go back to bed.

Leslie - I hope you also get some relief soon.


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Well I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Katie I understand blaming the sickness on the changing weather. Newfoundland weather was like that and everyone had the flu in winter. Here where it is -40 for 5 months a year,few people get sick.

Now Leslie did you have to ask that ? Couldn't you just say it has to be right if Bruce told me ? Because I'm going to look really stupid when I can't answer your question. LOL

I think it has to do with the ice fog when it is so cold. It is like a haze in the sky so when a plane is landing or taking off, it traps the noise making it louder. I know construction companies will not do blasting when there is a low cloud cover because the shock will not be released. Maybe someone will know more about it.

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Hey Bruce, I wondered myself. Thought it had something to do with the skies being clearer when it's so cold. Guess not, I forgot the fog issue.

Ladies, we just have to believe winter will be over soon. Even here in Florida we suffer more than in other months. We never really know if it's allergies or the "stuff" torists are bringing down from up North. I'm still experiencing gastrointestinal distress but am wondering now if it's because I changed my diet again. I'm back on more fruits and veggies and way less junk. Sometimes it takes my body a little time to adjust. Hope we are all feeling real better real soon.

I'm so happy to be home. Stan seems to be beginning to adjust to the fact that he has to go out on the road again so soon. He was really pissy for awhile. I reminded him it wasn't my fault he had to go. He's better now.

Have a great day everyone. I intend to.

Judy in Key West

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HaHa Katie - that is my favorite rant!! You see, as a preschool teacher, for years I was so tired of parents sending their children to school sick - only to get the whole class and the teachers sick . They would load them up with Benadryl and pretend nothing was wrong - but the kids would always have great news at circle time - "I threw up all night" "Mommy had to put drops in my eyes this morning" "I'm going to the Dr. after school today" It was not like it was a daycare - it was nursery school! Anyway - when I went back after radiation I spoke to the parents about the importance of keeping the sick kids home - but it didn't last - and I am therefore - retired!

We got lots of snow last night and then sleet this morning so the world today is like a beautiful crystal kingdom. It is the kind of snow you can walk on for a while before it gives way.

I am off to Boston now to bring my daughter back for her last semester of school - well her last semester of undergraduate - she - for some crazy reason - wants to be a doctor!

Okay, according to her - the density of cold air is greater and sound travels faster in dense medium, so sound waves will travel faster in dense cold air which we perceive as being louder.

Have a wonderful day everyone


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