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Tuesday's Air


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Morning all. The sun is up but I can't tell what kind of day it will be yet. Maybe sunny and warm! I can't believe it is almost seven-thirty and I've been up since five. Haven't gotten a thing done so Ann, maybe you'd better add spending too much time here to my list of things I hate about the internet. Well, I did take time to read the paper and have a spat and then sort of make up with my husband. Guess that's alot for a couple of hours.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. I need to get busy.

Judy in Key West

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Well.. since Bruce seems to think that all is not right with the world, because I haven't posted in awhile.. I better do it before I knock it off course!

I have been busy with applying for a job and trying to teach myself the ins and outs of Microsoft office for this job. I do get on and read posts, but havent had much to contribute lately.

I am still here and ok.. so don't worry Bruce.. the world is still revolving. LOL

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Good to know Shelli. Thought I felt it beginning to tilt a little. LOL Thanks.

Still a little chilly in the knife today at -35C. The ice fog is not near as bad. It is going to -22C on Friday so we have a game of shinny hockey out on the lake scheduled for lunchtime.

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