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cancer cells in leg


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Dear Members, I hope I'm in the right place when asking these questions. My sister has lung cancer stable, white blood cells normal. But through all this cancer cells spread to brain, died in skull after chemo. She has in spine few cancer cells, radiation about 4 times given, BUT was in pain when taking chemo in back and leg,doctor found cancer cells a few in spine. But never thought was in leg, thought arthritis. Took test found nothing. Sister was in constant pain and unable to walk on leg, doctor gave pain pills. Finally took test in hospital, since she was omit due to unbearable pain. RESULTS : cancer cells in leg(knee to ankle swollen in front only. Will be giving radiation,first one today, and may give chemo. She 64 yrs old, and lost weight, NOT EATING. Red blood cells low, gave blood because of not eating. Will the outcome be good, in this day and age and knowledge and medication for her leg. Please give me hope as she will be able to walk again. I am lost with little information as I'm far away, and the doctor only talks to her and her husband. And he can hold so much, and not ask the right questions. I look on line, and am confused about bone cancer.

Love Teardrop


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It would be nice if your sister could find another doctor, but might be difficult for you to even suggest that from a distance. I haven't had any experience with lung cancer having spread to bones, but I understand that it takes many radiation treatments. Also, it can take awhile for the radiation to start working and it continues working after the treatments have been completed.

Maybe someone who has had this experience can add to or improve my information here.


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