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Tuesday's Air


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I'm sure a lot of people are glued to the tube today. I don't usually have my TV on if I'm not sitting and watching it, but I have it on and am working around it today hoping to catch the most important events.

I'm excited today. I'm going to my first face-to-face cancer support group meeting tonight. Sounds odd to say that's exciting but it is. I have made so many excellent friends here and am hopeful that I'll find a connection with this group or someone in it. If you didn't read my earlier post about it, it's held at the hospice's offices and is attended by a retired oncologist. I find that very appealing.

Oh, and I realized Sunday that I forgot to have my daughter flush my port when I was in Port St Lucie recently. That puts me a little over, I think, the six week mark. I'm hoping hospice and the visiting nurses can help me out since my PCP is out for a family emergency. His new nurse is

young and never did one so, no thanks.

Everyone have a great day.

Judy in Key West

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Hello Everyone!

Sunny and warmer here today... after the end of last week with sub zero temps, i will take this. i have been suffering through a cold the last few days... I am hoing it goes away soon!

I will hope to make it to chat tonight... even though its competing with American Idol. :)

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Well Shelli I'm sorry that we will be competing against American Idol, but if it is any consolation, I will sing for you. LOL Better be a slow song because as you know I cannot type fast. LOL

Nice and warm here in the knife again today. But it is expected to drop to -35 this weekend.

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