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Saturday's Air


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Morning everyone! I am off this weekend and it has finally warmed up! Today I am going to a quilting class. My Mom was a master seamstress but I didn't get any of that gift. I'm just a little "crafty". Maybe she will be with me today...or at least looking down on me and proud.

Hope everyone has a good day!


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Hello, Fine Friends!

I hope y'all are all doing well. I don't seem to get around much anymore but I do think of y'all often. I've been busy with the house when home and busy with work at work. I guess that makes sense. When I do have a little time, I've been trying to work out some errors of Einstein's and it's kinda tough getting anybody to listen. I remain NED and I continue to take steps to stay that way. We'll do a flushed PET scan sometime between now and July. That is I'll stop my Tarceva and Avastin to allow any disease to prosper then do a test to see if it's there. The theory goes that if the Tarceva and Avastin are keeping disease subdued we may be getting false negatives. Otherwise I live each day like I've never been sick and do my best to take care of my lovely bride.

I see the AIR lives on and I'm very glad it does. Everybody needs to breath a little or vent a little from time to time.

I love you all.

God Bless you all.

Until next time.


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