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Dear Members, I don't have information needed to give you, as my sister doesn't want to know everything. I guess this is her choice and I need to accept it. As you know she has Primary Lung cancer, secondary bone cancer,lung cancer is stable, but she was given radiation and I believe chemo for cancer in her knee. Ihe knee just pains her alttle now, I don't know if this is due to meds or the radiation. She has heart trouble due to all the meds,radiation,chemo,depression. She was in critical care,she now is in proggressive care unit, and is stable, she is 65yrs old.SHE lost alot of weight . She is on IV nutrition and said she ate something today. The most important question is if she can gain her weight back and come out of this. The pills don't work to get her to eat more, but she said she ate today. I believe she nibble which is a good sign. Do you think the nurse in the unit will give me more information then what I'm getting from her. As I'm worried sick, and not knowing , and pieces of information is given.

Love Teardrop

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I would check wioht the nurses and see what they tell You! They should be honest and forthcoming about something like that. Sadly and secondly not to scare alarm or shock you, I can tell you what the term is for what you are dealing with. The name of this problem is Cachexia. I have a lot of info on it in the forums. If you go to the search feature and look for cachexia as the topipc you should find some info on it. This is a very scary thing and it is hard to battle. I said Hard Not impossible so dont get scared. There is not a lot of info on it and only a couple of trials but it is becoming more and more understandable and treatments are starting to be reseacrhed in trial. Does your sister have access to boost and ensure or anything protein related? Like Muscle Mass builder like weight lifters take?? These are the best ways to put off this part of Cancer at this point. Muscle mass builders are supposed to be the best things currently. You can also ask your doctor about Fish Oil I think was the other onew I had looked into for someone dealing with cachexia. Remember this didease is about buying time. Every day longer is a day closer to a CURE!!!! Everything can be treated and its a matter of How its treated...

Hugs and Prayers and SO VEry sorry to see this but this is the best I can do right now..

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Hi teardrop, I'm sorry your sister is having a hard time. I had cachexia as well in the beginning of my treatment and it's pretty scary. I quickly lost 40 lbs and ending up at 95 lbs at my skinniest. I would eat, but would just keep losing weight. My family just continually pushed protein powder shakes, boost, muscle milk, etc. Anything with extra protein in it. Also, make sure she stays hydrated...I had to have extra IV hydration a few days after each chemo treatment. eventually I gained it back little by little. I'm now back at my normal weight.

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