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LUNGevity Named Fasted Growing Charity!


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but maybe someone with red hair can move it to the proper place? I just picked up this email today and thought it worth sharing with anyone who didn't:

"10 Charities Expanding in a Hurry

Expect to hear about these 10 charities long into the future. They are growing dramatically. Over the past three years, these charities have grown their primary sources of revenue by more than 35% each year. Over that same period, they have expanded their programs and services by more than 35% each year. In addition, these organizations also have enough money in the bank to sustain a similar rate of growth for years to come.

Rank Charity Program Growth

1 LUNGevity Foundation 120.6%"

Of course, nine other charities follow but you get the idea. I know we have a lot of members who share in creating this good news.

While I'm reporting on emails, I almost forgot, did anyone notice that our SandraL was the featured survivor in a recent LUNGevity newsletter that ran the picture of Sandra and her beautiful family.

Judy in Key West

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This is awesome!!!! I always refer people to LUNGevity first, as I believe all their money goes to research for a cure. I was thrilled to read this.

Keep up the good work LUNGevity!

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