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Wednesday's Air


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Happy Wednesday All..

Is it April already!! Time is just flying by sometimes or so it sems.

We have one fool in our family. Tom's neice Allison is 24 today.

Has anybody heard from Will. I know he was busy with school, getting his house back in order and helping his wife to heal from her injuries. Will if you are out there please jot us a little note to let us know how you are all doing.

It's supposed to get up in the high 40's low 50's today in Palatine.

Enjoy your day everybody.


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Happy April Fools Day!!! This is one day I will not miss being a teacher - I got so tired of "Mrs. Brown there is a spider on your head" ALL day long!!! 4 year olds never tire of the same old joke!!

It is a gray chilly day here today. I am off to fill some Easter baskets - I have extras this year to do - 6 in all - but only one of the 'kids" is under 20! There has to be a point where I get to stop doing this - unfortunately I think that is when the first grandchild comes and that is not likely to be anytime soon!

Denise - I wish you hadn't put those kitten pictures up - I told you I was a sucker for a kitten!!

Have a wonderful day everyone

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I had to laugh at your post Janet. I bet you did hear the same joke over and over and over again. I always recall my Dads death on this day. He passed away on April 1st 19 years ago. Time passes so fast. Makes me realize that even if I was fortunate to live another 20 years that it would still be here in the blink of an eye.

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Happy April Fool's Day everyone.

I love the picture of the new kittens Denise. I won't be rescuing one from you though. I have enough on my hands with my senior citizen grumpy cat and our new boundless energy puppy!

Hey Janet. I am with you on the Easter baskets. My kids are under 20 but now know who the Easter bunny really is. That just means they expect more! It is so much fun though and I can't imagine ever stopping dying eggs and filling up those baskets.

It is still overcast and rainy here. Man we are having a tough time really getting spring going here. And baseball season is upon us. It does always seem though that we "freeze" watching those early season games.

I am off for my 2nd radiation treatment this afternoon. Hopefully this one goes a bit quicker. Yesterday they messed around for way too long trying to find my tatoos and get me all set up. I was in major back pain by the time that was all said and done. Thank goodness for pain meds!

Have a great day everyone! Don't be fooled!


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