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More bad news-but still hopeful


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I am not necessarily new here-posted 2 years ago, but have been reading frequently. My mother was diagnosed 2 years ago with stage iv adenocarcinoma. Main tumor in the upper left lobe, and many nodules within her right lung, with lymph node and bone mets. Her treatment started out with phenominal results, but over the last 8 months, the results have not been as good. She has been through Tarceva, Avastin, Carboplatin, a research drug called ABT869, and her last treatment, which stopped today was Alimta. She was put on Alimta in January, and basically it has done nothing for her. We found out today that the cancer has gotten worse-it has spread, and tumors that we thought were shrinking have grown. Dr. did not seem real hopeful today, but is willing to try another research med(if she qualifies) by Amgen. Another drug w/o a name, just numbers. Really shocking news today-Mom has been feeling really well, and has even put some weight back on. She does also have some considerable pleural effusion, with almost a complete collapse of the upper left lobe of the lung.

My reason for posting is that my mom is planning a trip to Germany in June. I am trying to talk her into possible treatment there (she was born and raised there, and has siblings there), has anyone heard of treatments in Germany? I have heard/read that it is a very progressive, and successful, country in treating cancer.

Also, this may be the wrong site for this, but.......

I saw Oprah's show on Christina Applegate, and her ordeal with breast cancer. I have gone to Oprah's site and asked if she would consider a show on lung cancer. Would people go to her web site and suggest this? Maybe info could get out to help others, maybe early types of screenings could be implemented??? (With yearly physicals)

Anyway-I wish all well-and please if anyone has info about treatment abroad-let me know.

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Hi Kim. I am so sorry that your mom's cancer has progressed. It is a blessing that she is feeling so well. Sorry I can't pass anything on re treatment in Germany but it certainly would be something to look into at least. I will pray that your mom's next treatment, whatever it might me, does it's job. Take care


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Thanks Sandra for replying. My mom has just been incredible. She understands what is going on, but even today, when talking finances w/ my brother (he is her financial advisor), she is planning for 10 years from now. Her spirit is amazing.

I have read many of your posts, I get much strength from you, and everyone here.

Thank you, and I will let you know about the treatment. Hopefully, she will be able to do the new med, and I can send on some good news....


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I suggest you check with Dr. West at www.cancergrace.org to see if he or his colleagues know anything about cancer treatment in Germany. He would likely know if any drugs are approved over there that are not over here and whether they are showing any survival benefit.

Data I have seen shows that their overall lung cancer survival rate is about the same as for the US, but I've not done an exhaustive search.


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