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Thursday's Air


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Good Morning All.

Not much going on today beside's work. BLAH!!

It is supposed to be in the high 40's to low 50's for the week but the April showers are upon us. It will be rainy all week according to the 10 day forcast. I just hope it's not raining on Easter.

Have a great day.


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Haha - see - bringing up my past life as a teacher - I love all this rain in the beginning of April - it makes the whole "April showers bring May flowers" lesson so much easier to teach!!

No rain today - I woke up to rain - but now the sun is fighting it's way out.

I have been waking up earlier than usual because they are building a house next door. When i say they - I mean one very overweight 50 - 60 yr old man is building it seemingly by himself. When the project started I was excited thinking I would be looking at good looking carpenters with their shirts off all spring - and this is what I got! I keep looking out to make sure he has not had a heart attack!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

peace - Janet

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Hello, Fine Friends!

LOL, Denise, I find it funny that you ring my bell on "Fool's Day". Thanks for hollering though.

Things have been busy. Real busy. Pookie, my youngest stepdaughter had her second child on the 24th. His name is Brady. The same day I got the great news that after being off of all meds for 4 weeks, my PET scan and CT where completely normal. Doc says e thinks I may actually be cured. (That's a word I never expected to hear.) We will keep me off of meds for three more months and do a complete PET and CT again. If it is clear, I'll say good bye to Avastin and will discuss again whether or not we should continue the Tarceva.

Unfortunately, on the 23rd, we got the results of the MRI of Pat's neck. She's really in pretty bad shape. (Pinched nerves at C1-C2, C2-C3, C3-C4. Disc degeneration throughout. Bones grinding and growing spurs at C4-C5. C6-C7 is where her titanium plates are from the first surgery. C6-C7 or C7-T1 has and avulsed nerve wih a cyst on it. Makes us realize just how lucky she is to be alive but she's in awful pain every day. Ultimately, she will have to have more surgeries, but she can't right now for fear of losing her job. I wish she didn't worry about her job so much, but I do understand that she does, especially since she knows very well that I could have to deal with cancer again. I wish there was some way I could assure her that I won't. Hopefully, she can manage until about December, when she will become eligible for FMLA again.

The house? Well, I work on it when I have time. Still have a lot to do. At least we're living in it, so it's functioning. I just got some prettying up to do in it. Molding and such.

School? Had to drop out to fix the house after the contractor took me for a ride. Then he actually had the gall to hire an attorney to send me a letter about paying him the rest of the money he wanted. I tactfully but forcefully replied to his attorney and haven't heard anything from either since, and don't expect to, but it did take me several days to collect all the info (evidence) and type the letter, myself. So that was more wasted time. Hopefully, someday, I'll get back to school.

Well, that's the short story.

I hope everyone is doing OK.

Hugs all around,


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Good afternoon everyone. It is still nothing but overcast and rain rain rain here! Geesh! Enough already!

Janet, too bad that your vision of cute construction guys didn't come to fruition! Maybe he will give in at some point and hire some hunky help!

Will, thanks for finally checking in. Many here have been wondering and asking about you. Boy your health sure sounds awesome! Way to go! Sorry to hear that your wife is not doing so well though. You have been through so much. Way to take it to those shady folks. Glad to hear your house is coming along...albeit slowly, it is still home. Don't be a stranger for so long again.

I am just back from my 3rd of 10 radiation treatments to my spine. With the shape I am in it is a huge effort just to get myself there and back. And the additional pain has kicked in already. I think I am in for a long 10 days and more pain for a few weeks after that. Then hopefully it will subside and improve from where I was at.

Have a good rest of the day everyone!


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Hey Will, now it's easy to understand why you haven't found time to check in. Wishing the best for your wife.

I'm going in for outpatient surgery tomorrow to replace my malfunctioning port with one of those whiz-bang "powerport" models that can handle CT dye. My check-in time has been moved up to 0530 — that's 5:30 a.m., definitely within the meaning of "oh-dark-thirty." But it also means we'll miss the worst part of rush-hour traffic, I think.


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