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Sunday's Air


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Happy Sunday Everyone

I had a great day with jayla yesterday. We went out for breakfast and then went to the mall. The mall has a play place in the center court with big characters and things to crawl on. Jayla was in heaven with that. Then we came home and she took a nap and later went to dinner with friends.

Jayla didn't want them to leave so Martha asked if she wanted to go home with them and Jayla said yes. So off Jayla went for a sleepover. Martha's 9 yr old granddaughter Julie lives with her so she had a playmate.

We will head over there in a few hours and hang out there for the afternoon.

Have a great day.


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I have a Mild sunburn and My arms ache from polishing but I took second out of 4 cars at the car show today !!! Been a very good day despite watching ER last nite! That was hard!!! Especially Ernest Borgnines wife on the last episode!! :(:lol:

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Well can you believe it is snowing right now. It is coming down sideways and we are to get approx 3".

I thought winter was over!!!

Just as it started to snow Viv was off to be a guest at her second baby shower at her job. All her coworkers are giving her an after hours baby shower. I hope it doesn't get to bad for the ride home.


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