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I know that this has been discussed but do you mind if I go there one more time? For those of you with mets--I know that some of you did not have any symptoms and your mets were found on follow-up scans but for those of you who had painful mets what did they feel like? Was it a constant pain/ache that got progressively worse and you couldn't ignore it? Or did it come and go? Hurt just a little off and on? I know that sometimes we associate headaches with brain mets but what about the others, any common symptoms?

Thanks for all your responses.

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Hi Tami...

In the case of mets to the bone, I had experienced quite severe pain in the upper back area for some 6 months it was are diagnosed.

In the case of mets to the brain, here again I experienced pretty much constant headaches, trouble walking (unsteady gait), and some nausea which came and went.

Hope this proves helpful.

God Bless us All!!!

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My wife had bone mets. At first, there was no pain, but because one was on her spine she began to lose function in her left hand. Then the arm began to hurt. By the time she was diagnosed, she was in a lot of pain in her spine -- constant and intense. She had to go on morphine. Some of the mets have never hurt and others have hurt a lot. Right now, she is almost off the morphine, so things are better with pain. Don

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My father was diagnosed on 11/29 with brain mets. He had a seizure, went to ER and while in ER had another one. Head CT revealed 3 brain mets; 1 is 1.2cm other two are small. Then he said that during that week prior he did notice that he needed to press harder while writing, a little less control holding a pen.

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