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Dad passed out today.


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He has had a persistent cough for a few weeks now. He spoke with the Oncologist about it at his last appointment on 8th March and they said that because at that stage he had only had it for a week or two that they wouldn't investigate further, but they would leave it and see him again in 6 weeks (27th of this month), but if it got worse or didn't go away within a couple of weeks then he was to phone them so that they could arrange a CT of his lungs.

Well it got worse and I told him a couple of times that he should have the CT done but he didn't want it b/c laying on the metal table causes him a lot of pain in his shoulder. I wasn't going to push him.

Well today I was sat here (right next to the kitchen door) and he was making a sandwich. He started coughing, uncontrollably, and just as I stood to go to him he went down. He came round straight away but was very disorientated for a few minutes. He has a cut across the bridge of his nose and in the corner of his eye from where he's glasses sit. Once he came round we got him up and into the chair and he seemed fine. In fact he still wanted to go for his bevvy but asked DH to take him along in the car and gave him a time to go and collect him.

I done the 'I told you so' bit and that the cough is a warning and he needs it treating but he isn't listening.

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Caren - The exact same thing happened to Tom. He had a bad cough for a couple of weeks and started coughing so hard that he was passing out. Not enough air was getting to the lungs as it was coughed out to quickly. We took him to the ER and it turned out to be pneumonia.

So definitely get it checked out.


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How frustrating and scary for you Caren. I hope you can convince him to go seek some medical advice. Maybe some painkillers would help when he goes for a CT scan. I always take a few extra before going to radiation because laying on my back is a killer. It helps some.

Remember that you can only do what you can do. The rest is up to your dad and he is stubborn, like many of us, including myself. But eventually we do come to our senses!

Wishing you a Happy Easter!


ps What is a bevvy?

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Caren see if cortisone shots are available. for the shoulder. Used to help Deb for a Bit!! They are nonsteroidal anti inflammatory if I am correct and help with pain and Joint movement! Good Luck and Hope all goes better for ya!!

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dont see why not Deb did. This is for pain relief basically. Cortisone ios used in arthritis cases thats how I know of it!! Best to double check with rad Oncologist though to be safe!!

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