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Sarcoma cancers


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Is there anywhere on this message board that talks about Sarcoma cancers. Specifically Ewing's Sarcoma. It is generally a childs cancer but not in this case.

I have read at MD Anderson but looking for personal experiences like are shared here.


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I'm not personally familiar with it, but I found 22 messages containing "sarcoma" (including your message asking the question) by using the LCSC Search feature. Click Search in the top part of the screen, type sarcoma in the top box, change "Display results as" to Posts, change "Return first" to All available, and click Search.


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Hello and thanks for the reply. I already did that. Nothing there of any help. I think this pretty well answers my question. I know it is really rare. Just thought I would try asking.

I will just find a message board for sarcoma. I just wanted to start somewhere that I had already been.

Thanks again.

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Thanks Carol, That one does looking interesting. I was just checking on two of the boards I post on first to see if anyone might have any information. MD Anderson is one of the 3 places that specialize in sarcoma. Ewings Sarcoma is more often young people. Anyway, thanks for the site.

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