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I just sent this to all my email friends. Let's hope that we get some donations.

I have been involved with a site called Lung Cancer's Survivors. It has been a great help to me during Gianni's illness. They offer hope, help, a shoulder to cry on, information, plus much more.

Here is an introduction:

Our group went from 9 members in January 2003, to 770 members and growing! These people are spread all over the globe and are connected by one website’s message board. This website was created and is run on sheer dedication, no funding, and flourishing on a wing and a prayer and a whole lot of love! We receive over a million visits a weeks WITHOUT a single advertisement of any sort! We haven’t needed to advertise, for our members who come have no where else to go.

Here is the address if you are interested.


This is the forum:


Recently, I have been told that we are in need of funds to keep this site going. I know this isn't the best time(money wise)-just before Christmas-but maybe you're looking for a place to donate money. The group is collecting donations at: Lung Cancer Survivors for Change

112 Hollywood Blvd.

Euless, Texas 76040

I think you can put it in a memorial fund for Gianni Ferrarotti.

Thanks in advance. If you feel like it, send or mention this to others. As a group we are trying to get the word out that lung cancer is such a devastating disease and not just for smokers. We would like to see early detection to diagnose it early so more people can survive.

Thanks and Merry Christmas


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This is the Season for Giving, and I'm going to GIVE to this wonderful board, only because it has given SO MUCH TO ME!!! One turn deserves another. My donation will be in the mail in the morning!!! I hope everyone will find it in there heart to give so we may continue to move on and go forward with Supporting one and other and Bringing Awareness to the NUMBER ONE CANCER KILLER. We all know it's lung cancer.

Thanks for sharing your message with us Rosanne.


Much Love and Support


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I will probably make a webpage (shopping page) similar to alcase. Once the holidays are over this will be something I will focus on. I also have some ideas such as making cards (with a catchy LC logo or phrase on the back- similar to Hallmark) Note cards, greeting cards- (Wish I couls have thought of this or afforded to to this before christmas! LOL) But by gosh I'll be ready next year! I'll let everyone know when I have a sample page up..

Katieb (Not logged in)

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I just read your post stating that you may set up some shopping things to raise money. You mentioned greeting cards. I have a couple of poems that just may be good enough for a couple of special cards. One for a loved one away at Christmas (I wrote it for my son in 1990 while he was in Saudi) and one that I wrote for a friends wedding. If you do that do you think you could use these? I have been looking for something worthwhile to do with some of my poems. Here they are what do you think? Is it possible that you could use them if you go for that idea? Lillian

My gift to you

When you awake this Christmas morn

May your faith be born anew

This is the wish I make especially for you

May you always walk in sunshine

No matter where you are

And think about my love

As you would a shinning star

You may not always see it

Or hold it in your hand

But it will always be here shining

I will always understand

I have no other gift for you

Except this little rhyme

And a love that never ceases

Through the endless rhelm of time

Written for my son while he was in Saudi in 1990 then sent to Johnny for Christmas 2001

A Wish Friends

My you walk along the road of life forever hand in hand

And always know the magic of a love that is so grand

My dark clouds never threaten and the rains be soft and clear

And life bring all the pleasures without a pain to bear

If off in the distance some trouble do you see

Hold on to eachother and you'll face it clear and free

Never doubt the power that love can give to you

And gently through the ages love will itself renew

The treasures of life are many and dreams can come to pass

For you I wish the joy of a love that will always last

Written for friends before their wedding in 1980

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