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Sunday's Air


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HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL YOU DADS OUT THERE! Hope you are all having a picnic or barbeque or just chilling. It's Dad's day so whatever you want to do.

We are in Orlando for my infusion tomorrow. The trip is starting out just ducky. The first day out, one slide won't open all the way. Good thing we have an appointment at Lazy Days (RV service place near Tampa) to get our satellite checked out. Hope they can fix the slide.

We're going to my son's this afternoon for a cook-out. I hope he can break his diet for his favorite. This mom would love to take him a cherry cheesecake but I'll call and ask permission first lol. It won't be my homemade but Publix does it really well.

Have a great day all.

Judy In Orlando

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Judy I thought you would always be "Judy in Keywest" no matter where you were why are you signing it Judy in Orlando???????/ :?

Ah here in Washington it is cold (63 degrees or so) cloudy and wanting to drop some rain on us! :evil: Other than that this Sunday is just a lazy day for me not doing much but have a roast in the crockpot and just watching cartoons :oops: (with the kids) :roll:

Mom is having knee surgery on Friday so we are just kind of waiting for that and hope she has a easy surgery and quick recovery.

Heidi in Washington

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Wonderful day here in Nebraska. 82 with a blue sky and plenty of sun.Went to my daughters for a Mexican dinner and recieved phone calls from my sons saying Happy Fathers Day.I'm trying to tie dye some tshirts,I dont know how that will turn out. Maybe it would just be easier to start acting my age but whats the fun in that? :roll:

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Heidi, I started this on our RV travels last year--Judy in GA, Judy in NC, Judy in VA. It got to be fun because every day or other day for awhile we'd be in a different state. Don't worry, at the trips end I will be and remain "Judy in Key West." That is until the next big trip! Sorry you're still chilly in WA but your lazy day sounds great.

Mike what a fun Father's Day it sounds like you had with sunshine and warm temps to boot! The tye dying sounds fun and I've never been in favor of acting our ages.

Judy in Orlando

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