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Wednesday's Air


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Well, we are still at Lazy Days in FL getting our RV worked on. They let us back in it from 5 pm last night to 8 am this morning. We've now been fed twice again and this is the long part of the day (until happy hour at 4 pm lol).

I took a really long walk this morning after breakfast to help counter the side effect of the Alimta. I was resting on a bench afterwards wondering if I was going to make it back to the Crown Club. I thought about asking a young man to take me back in the cart he was driving. Fortunately before he turned and got away, he stopped and asked if he could give me a lift somewhere. I was so grateful I didn't care if I looked that pathetic. And ladies, he was young and very cute to boot.

So far so good, hope we'll get out of here later today or tomorrow morning. We've decided to skip our trip to NJ. After we finish working, we'll be in PA. We'lll visit friends briefly right nearby in Kutztown just to give some fun to the trip. Then we'll head back here to have the remaining work done on the coach (we don't have time now) and look forward to a trouble-free trip to NJ in September which was planned anyway.

I realize that reducing my stress level is essential to my health and I've been working on it. Learning to travel with my husband with all the twists and turns inherent to his business and the moving house we travel in requires all the flexibility one can manage. I always considered that one of my strong points but it's being seriously test lol.

Hope you all have a great day but wake up and say hi. It's really boring here.

Judy in Seffner FL

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OMG, Judy...you must be a SAINT!!! I'm doing good to keep a level head on my shoulders after a short drive to dinner with my hubby. I just bite my tongue, use my right foot to brake with (from the passenger side) and pray that we're not going to get hit by another car, get shot by an agitated driver or get a ticket we can't afford to pay from the nearest police officer. Need I tell you that my hubby has a heavy foot and I can swear that he is still a NASCAR drive wannabe. So, just the traveling part would be more than my system could handle, let alone the mechanical issues and the work schedule.

It's still hot here today but we have gotten a bit of a cool down from the showers we've been getting for the past couple of days. But, I'm glad we're not burning, flooding or getting blown away...all things that can happen in Florida at this time of year.

I've been busy getting ready for our big weekend in Orlando, beginning on Friday. This is for an AL convention and there are so many things squeezed into one weekend, which translates into a lot of different clothes to pack. I have a habit of being the world's worst when it comes to overpacking and this doesn't help the situation.

As usual, hope everyone is wonderful in their little corner of this big, beautiful world!!!

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