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Wednesday's Air


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It's a beautiful sunny day in central PA. I've stayed in the coach til nearly ten because of cool temps and off and on rain. It's cleared up now and I'm ready to exercise, walk, do some laundry, etc.

I'm still havin considerable discomfort on the left side of my head, around my ear and into my neck. It took awhile but I finally remembered I went to my PCP in June of 07 (pre dx) for similar symptoms. I went on the internet because I couldn't remember his dx--I'm pretty sure it was occipital neuralgia and I remember distinctly he gave me two or three shots in a tender area of my neck behind my ear. I don't imagine I can just go out and find another doc and get him to do it. Problem too is we won't have a car until 7 or 8 July. It's a little difficult to get in and out of parking area with this beast no less dragging a utility trailer.

So in the meantime, I'll take my antibiotics (probably for nothing lol) and Ativan 3x a day. I decided that since this neuralgia can be triggered by stress maybe I can stress-relieve it better.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in PA

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Judy...so sorry you're having a rough day today. Hope the antibiotics can kick in and make you feel better. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to drive your temporary house into tight spaces.

It's a nice, sunny morning here on Florida's Space Coast. The temperature is only in the low 90's and we're supposed to have rain again this afternoon. Our grass is growing so fast that it seems we only get the mower parked in time to crank it up again. But, I'd rather be mowing than fanning flames, so the rain is alright with me.

I'm having a "down" day today. I just can't seem to be able to stop thinking of our sweet Tracy and her family. I sat outside on my patio last night with three lit candles.....one for Tracy...one for my Dennis and one for all of the friends we've lost from this MB.

Hope everyone is having a good day in their little corner of the world.

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Ann, the candle lighting sounds nice. I've been thinking of Tracy today too. I'm sure many of us are. The losses seem to be coming fast and furious lately. I have felt really wretched today but swear I'm going to be better tomorrow.

Judy in Bellefonte PA

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Well I too can't seem to stop thinking about Tracy and her family. What a wonderful life cut way to short by this damn beast. I know there is a reason for things but at time I often struggle with that concept as I am sure we all do. Cancer sucks!

Well it is 88 and sunny here today. I just got home from work and realized it took me over two hours to travel 28 miles. Gotta love traffic and all of the idiots out there. :roll: Cant say I am an aggresive driver but today myself and the girls behind me were a bit aggresive on the lady that waited til the last minute to get over as if she did not know the lane was ending. So yes we did not let her in in front of us and we were laughing about it. :twisted: Now that I have confessed I promise I will be nicer tomorrow :D

Today has been 4 yrs since one of my best friends passed. It was very unexpected and he died on his 5th wedding anniversary. So the pain that I am feeling today is immense however I am sure his late wife is going through even more. His 8 year old son called me last night crying because he missed his dad it just breaks my heart. He left behind three kids who are now 8,6 and 4.

Well today jsut has not been that great. I am turning in early today!

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