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Sunday's Air


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Morning all. It's a brand new day! Sun's shining and I've seen ducks and geese on the lake so all is good. It's a little chilly but a sweater will do just fine. I might go throw a line in the water later and see if I can catch any of those fish I saw rolling earlier.

Heidi, thanks so much for doing some partying for me. I actually went tromping out in the wet grass last night when I started hearing the "boom booms." Seems they just waited for the rain to stop and went ahead with the fireworks in the nearby town around 10 pm. Couldn't see them from where we were but my daughter texted me a beautiful one from the finale of where she was watching in Port St Lucie. So Heidi, between you and Wendy, my fourth ended just fine. By the way, FYI, it is said that Bruce has a little thing for a buffalo named Hot Chocolate that he visits when he goes up to the farm. I wouldn't keep you in the dark altho I'm still in the dark on the somebody named Priest.

Bruce, no buffalo, but I swear I could hear the cows next door mooing when I was sitting outside having tea this morning. You gotta love this place once you get here lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in the campground in the field near Rochester, IN

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good morning everyone.

Well you sure are getting around Judy. You "sound" better today. I would love to go fishing with you. I have always wanted to do the lazy day fish by the river. I have gone fishing for salmon twice in my youth but that is a much different experience. Put your line in, get your quota fast and head on out.

Heidi, it does sound like you had an awesome party. Good for you girl, I like a good party. The neighbours will get over it.

We are still having our streak of hot dry weather. We had the driest June on record in 50 years. Nice, but lots of forest fires about and high risk of many more.

I think I am over my 2 days of post chemo sleepy days. I hope so as I have to get up and get my son to day camps for the next two weeks. I will for sure be driving in my PJ's so will try not to break any laws.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


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I went fishing for salmon today - caught a nice thick 1 lb. piece of wild king from the fish market. Also went to the Farmer's Market and picked (up) strawberries, cherries, lettuce, a rhubarb plant for the future (!), a parsley plant to replace the one gone to seed, and some heirloom tomatoes. And a french pastry.

We went to the movies yesterday afternoon - Public Enemies with Johnny Depp. A little long, but well done in the 30's genre.

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Hi everyone. I know I have been awol for a while and I apologize to all my friends out there for my absenteeism. Too much going on in my head and not sure how to get it all out.

Had a good 4th yesterday and a good day so far today. Tom and I took Jayla out for breakfast and grocery shopping this morning and then Viv and I took the kids to the carnival which is in walking distance. Jayla had a ball.

As far as the buffalo goes. We have an ice cream parlor/restaurant in a neighboring suburb called The Buffalo. We took Jayla there for the first time last week. I told her we were going to the buffalo ice cream parlor to get ice cream. She gave me the funniest look and said, "I don't want a buffalo one. It's yucky for me. I need to eat a pink one." Gotta love how kids minds work.

Hey Judy

Rochester, IN is about a 3 hour drive from my house. My mom's is about 1 1/2 hours from there. Just the other side of Crown Point, IN. So close and yet so far away.

Well I am going to try to get in the right mind set for a very long day tomorrow. My friend Martha will be having her surgery starting at approx 11 a.m. Her surgery plan has changed just a bit where they are not only going take everything in the front but are going to take muscle from her back as well and pull it

around to the front. I sounds like they are going to practically cut her in half. I'm scared for her. I know they do this stuff everyday so I am sure she will be fine but it still makes me nervous.

Well I hope everybody has a great day.


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