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MORNING ALL! The worm has turned. It's happy days now for awhile. It's amazing how good I feel since my house stopped moving for more than one day and two nights. They moved my chemo to right after I saw the onc so that's behind me. All I have to deal with now is the dreaded side-effect. Ned's advice has helped me so much, I think I will "go" o.k. lol.

Miss Daisy's driver is not available today so I'm venturing out on my own to pick up a script for my eyes at Walmart. I think my husband is very smart. He gives me time and takes me places he thinks would be difficult then takes himself out of the picture so I have to do it myself. I had a very bad car wreck in PA when I lived in the mountains so mountainous roads are a challenge. But this is definitely a can do situation and he's at work. It's just that first road from the campground to the T.

Now tommorrow--difficult or no, driver or no--I'm going to the Addison NY flea market. Yeah!!!! I love flea markets and when we travel and see them, it's the wrong day, or too early or late or it's pouring rain. I'm so excited. It's said to be a big one and I missed a big one on the way out of IN and it even had an RV campground. This will make up for that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Judy in Mansfield, PA

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OMG Judy I have been so wrapped up in stuff I have missed so many airs and your posts. I am so glad your chemo is behind you now. I hope your side effects are little to none. I too love flea markets.

My parents are just so upset and distraught about this whole biological dad thing coming out. They have been drinking more than they ever have. I am seriously worried about them and dont know what to do. The amazing thing is my biological dad is helping me to cope with their coping skills. Just telling me how hard it must be for them. This is hard on all of us but I feel ok with things. Just a crazy time in life.

Anyways, get to go to work AGAIN today.

Well everyone take care and have a fabulous day

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Heidi, sounds like you are doing o.k. I'm glad things are going well with your biological dad. I am sorry your parents use alcohol as a coping mechanism. That can be hard on you. I know from long experience with alcoholics and from my counseling days how tuff that can be on loved ones. Hang in there and get support where you can.

Hubby has to work tomorrow so if I'm doing the flea market in Addison, I'm going alone. I called my daughter from Walmart and told her Miss Daisy was out alone with the car. The outing today was great but tomorrow is a lot further and I have to go on Route 15 which I don't like. Everybody cross your fingers that I get up in "courage" not "brain or heart" mode tomorrow.

Judy in Mansfield PA

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