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Oh Mike, I loved the sign-off! I used to holler "Good Night John Boy" to my kids alot when they were growing up. As I recall, when my husband was traveling we were alot like three kids. My daughter used to ask "who's the Mom?" We had fun.

It took me a half hour to get on the net again this morning. Don't know if the computer (which has been acting up for months now) is finally going. The signals from AT&T seem fine but I have trouble getting comcast. Hope it's the location.

I made coffee instead of tea so I'd have the get-up-and-go to prepare the coach to move after sitting for ten days. A lot of stowing to do and I have to work out. Don't know when Stan will take the machine out again. The neighbors who stay across the street all summer said they hate to see us leave. They are really nice but I'm ready to go lol.

I heard Stan's alarm and heard him get up. Aside from that, I slept the night through so hopefully this is a new day. The sun is shining and altho it's still chilly in the morning, it's warming up here. Not so cold as the other night when it went down in the forties. I certainly remember why I live in Key West.

Have a great day everyone. Hope to be back to post more soon.

Judy soon to leave Mansfield PA

P.S. Ann, enjoy your favorite day!

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Good morning friends!!! Yes Judy, this is my favorite day of the week. I was just telling Muriel that although I hate to see time fly by so fast, I really wish I could give the clock hands a little nudge today.

So far, it's a quiet day here on Florida's Space Coast. Weather forecast is about the same....hot, humid with a 50% chance of rain this afternoon. I'm finding that late afternoon is prime time to go grocery shopping around here. Most people are getting errands done earlier to avoid the rain, so the stores aren't so crowded. I'm thinking of meeting my friend for Bingo after work today. It's been a long time since I've played Bingo and I think these gals are pretty serious about it. It amazes me to see these people that have a whole row of cards and they manage to talk, eat, drink, and never miss a number. Not me!!! If I do play, I'll get one (maybe two) cards and concentrate on those numbers...lol!

My DIL picked up my little doxie, Molly, yesterday and took her for a play date with little Barney. He misses his sister so much. He just sits and wimpers. So, my son is already looking for a red doxie puppy. Not that they want to replace Bailey but they feel so bad for Barney.

What do all of you have planned for the weekend? I have been babysitting for the past 3 weekends and am now having garage sale withdrawals. If it doesn't rain down buckets in the morning, I'm going to go out at the break of dawn in search of that valuable treasure that I just know I'm going to find. Of course, the priceless treasure will have a 25 cent price sticker on it....lol!

Happy Friday from me in my little corner of the world!!!

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Hot day out (and in - no a/c at work!) Home is a cool respite, thanks to a heat pump that gives us a bit of air conditioning.

Tomorrow a friend is throwing a garden party to celebrate the opening of our new LightRail line! Many parties - each station will have a public event. I expect the trains will be packed (they will be free for the weekend.)

We had a cat wander into the office today - a handsome orange guy; made himself right at home. Highlight of the week.

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