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Monday's Air


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We got the car loaded and the stuff in the RV stowed and are on the road again. I hated leaving Kutztown. We didn't get to see our friends Randy and his Mom Betts. I also didn't get to see Kasey. The decision to leave today was based on making it an easier trip to FL without long hard drives every day. I'm also sad that I won't be able to meet Ann in Palm Bay either since we will have to cut across to US 4 up around Daytona to get to our appointment at Lazy Days near Tampa. This trip has not lent itself to my wants and needs for sure. I took a chill pill when I found myself getting a little edgy this morning. Hope September will be better.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in PA heading South

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Judy, I'm so very sorry to hear that we won't be able to meet this time....but I know we will meet up one of these days!!! I'm just happy to hear that you will soon be home and able to relax, as this has been quite a stressful and tiring trip for you.

We really had some heavy rain and thunderstorms late yesterday afternoon. A few minutes would pass with no thunder or lightning and then it would start all over again. We got a ton of rain and the forecast for today is once again hot, humid and a high chance of afternoon showers. I can tell you that my grass has never been greener and my weeds have never grown faster.

Have I told you that I really hate Monday??? I really had a great weekend. My friend's birthday was on Saturday and we started celebrating Friday night at midnight. I baked her a birthday cake on Saturday and then about 10 of us met for dinner and went back to the little bar where we began celebrating on Friday night. We stayed there until after midnight on Saturday....so, she had a great birthday!

Now...for the really good news. My son and DIL have a brand new little furbaby. She is 12 weeks old and looks (and acts) like a baby Bailey. Little Barney just wasn't doing well without a sister, actually he was so pitiful. Although we will always miss our sweet little Bailey, having a new puppy that looks like her will make our hearts a little happier.

So, I hope all my friends have a great Monday in their little corner of the world.


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