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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! It took forever to get online this morning. I had to stop for awhile to get ready to get on the road again. Next stop Lazy Days. It is my least favorite stop on the trip. It's were you get up and ready every morning at 8 am like you're going to work and you don't get to come back until 5 pm. In between, you don't work, you try to keep busy and you eat A LOT!

It's beautiful sunny day traveling through Georgia but this morning you can already feel things heating up as we move further South. No more heater and time to take the blanket off the bed.

I guess it's time to address my gorilla in the room. A couple of weeks ago, I was onsite and noticed I am a moderator. Don't know for how long I've been one, but I am. Hey Katie, you can pair me up with Ann For Fun any day of the week LOL.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Georgia

P.S. Still no word from Donny. I'm going to go check when he last posted. I'm sending out the calvary pretty soon.

P.S.S. Sorry Donny. Didn't mean to bug you. I missed that post on the twentieth and thought you'd been missing a week or more. I'm sure you are just fine.

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Judy....I'm so happy to see that you finally let that gorilla out of the closet!!! I'm so happy to have you join me as co-moderator of this forum! As the old saying goes...."you have to be crazy to work here"....and I think this definitely applies to moderating this forum. For me, this forum has always been a place for people to escape and have a little bit of fun, amidst all of their problems and worries. So, I know you're just the person to offer that escape for everyone that wants to let their mind just drift away.....possibly to our beautiful Florida Keys!!!

By the way, I hope you'll be home soon!!!


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What do we? I been lurking occasionally. Not too much to report, had carbo/alimta cocktail on Monday been feeling rather lethargic. Still coughing my fool head off. I only have one more treatment then it's just wait and see. Yayyy. Keep wondering why so many folks that post here are in the southeast, but I'm beginning to think living in Florida might cause lung cancer. When my dad ran away from home he ended up in Florida and died of self induced lead poisoning. Makes me not wanna go to Florida. Dunno. Have a great day ya'll.

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Hey Donny, sorry about the lethargy. But what the heck is self-induced lead poisoning? Inquiring minds want to know.

Ann, sweetie, have you been waiting for me to say something LOL? I just wanted to drag out the suspense.

We're at Lazy Days and I'm proud of myself that I avoided going to the Crown Room tonight. Too much temptation. It's time enough to start eating there for breakfast in the am. Stan probably wishes we'd gone there. He made big points today when without me knowing (I was playing Luxor in the computer) he got off 95 to get me a latte. Sweet man. His attaboy was almost cancelled by an ah shi# when I went to make my half of meatloaf sandwich to eat with fresh broccoli for dinner. I had talked about eating it all day and when he went into the store "to get bread," he came back with two bags of groceries. In it were two packages of rolls (for him) and NO BREAD. Good thing I get over things real quick lol. I shaved the roll down and made do.

I'm going to check into the site and then take a walk. Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in Key West

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