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Back from Germany

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Well, Mom is back and feeling awful. Soooo tired, fatigued, and seemingly depressed. Hard to see her this way.

She had an appointment with her oncologist today and got hit with some news that upset her. She had her hopes up about this research study that the doctor told her about before she left for her trip, and now she can't be in it. The dr. had told us she would definitely be in it, and now the company has amended it's restrictions-she has had too many prior treatments. The decision is now that she will be on Taxotere-once every 3 weeks. She is none too happy about losing her hair again. The other worrisome thing now is her heart. She is having too many atrial fibrillations, and there isn't any other meds she can go on. The onc. told her that she really is not a candidate for a cardiac ablation anymore. So what to do now. I am afraid that one thing or the other will be limited greatly b/c they are both (the heart issue and the lung issue) are equally as serious.

I was not expecting this, so I really had no questions for the onc. My brain is fried, I am having some health problems too, and so is a friend of mine. I am just so drained right now.

Anyway-does anyone have any info. about Taxotere? Can you tell me what you have experienced?

Sending happy thoughts to everyone!!


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I was on Taxotere when I had an allergic reaction to Taxol. I had it in combination with Carboplatin and Avastin. Nothing out of the ordinary that I think was caused by the Taxotere.

I know how bad it sucks to lose your hair - just lost mine again after having it for 2 years - what a bummer that is!!!!

Sending you and your mom lots of hugs and healing vibes - please remember to take care of yourself, too.

Hugs - Patti B.

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