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Morning all! Notice I say morning and not good morning? My daughter decided to have a friend over to play last night, his name was Mr. Insomniac! I told him to leave so she can go back to sleep but as usual he didn't listen and either did she. OMG she was up from about 220am to about 445am then of course I have to get up at 530 for work. :roll: Well I think it is definately one of those days for a nice coffee with an extra shot!

Anyways, here in Washington we are getting ready to start a heat wave again. I know alot of you guys laugh but yes it will be in the high nineties for a few days again. Thats hot for us here considering we just had over a week of 65-75 degree weather.

Well Judy I hope your doing good I miss you and I am sure everyone else does too. :D

Anyways, hope everyone has a good day. If anyone can take a nap for me today please do I am sure I will need it. lol


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I just replied to DebraAnn's post and didn't hang up so thought I would give one more post a try. Morning all and a special good morning and thanks to Lily, Dawn, Mike and Heidi for keeping up the Air. I've been reading (don't seem to hang up if I don't write emails or post anywhere) and trying to keep up. My new memory modules should come in this week and then it may be another couple of days before I get it installed.

I'm not feeling terrific but my mood is improving a little. I get a massage today with my wonderful Maggie. She's a massage thereapist but can function very well as my psychological therapist when needed. She's kind and loving and is a wonderful listener.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning all. It will be another hot and sunny day here in Redding. It is supposed to be about 104 today and then 108 or higher tomorrow. We had a break for several days but here we go again :!:

Judy now that the season has really started I hope you, Ann and all of our other friends are paying close attention to the weather. My nerves had a rest for awhile but now that things are heating up I get a little frazzled hoping that my boys will get out of town early before a huricane hits. My daughter and her family don't wait. When there is a chance that one is coming their way they pack up and leave. They all have travel trailors so if they keep them safe they will have a place to live should the unthinkable happen. So far Anna doesn't look like much but if it makes it to the gulf all bets are off.

Wow Heidi. I have gained a lot more patience over the past few years but if someone woke me up at 2am I think I would try to strangle them :evil: As for Washington I understand what you mean. I lived there for 10 months and really loved it. Never saw tems over 95 the whole time. The only reason we had an air conditioner is because I bought it. Johnny couldn't stand the heat or cold, either took his breath away. We lived in Centralia and I loved it. Where do you live?

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I hope everyone had a good day. School here starts Wenesday. I dont know why they dont run it longer in May when the weather is still unpredictable and let the kids have all of August off. August is usually the hottest month of the year. I remember when I was a kid,school usually started after labor day. Goonight everyone and May God bless and guide and comfort you all.

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