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Microscopy results and suggested treatment


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Hello my fellow alternative cancer treatment pioneers! I got the blood work back on my microscopy today. I had significant ROTS masses, especially in lymphtics. Other abnormalities include: spicules (liver stress probably from chemo), candida and fungi, crystals (toxins), heterogeneous plaque, spiked RBC's, and pH level poor (5.5).

Suggested treatments: Detox liver and colon with coffee enema x 1 per month (stimulates bile production for detox), cleanse gall bladder weekly with 1/2 a lemon into 2 tablespoons of olive oil, follow a diet prescribed for 3 months with supplements, one intraveneous infusion weekly (of either vitamin IV, H2o2 IV, calcium EDTA, or Diflucan). Also recommended,Tai chi, anti-fungal Rx, Oxygen Therapy, Prayer/ meditaion, Enzyme Therapy, drink lots of water (75 oz.), and lymphatic pump (massage taught to husband to circulate waste. I like this one!). Jack will attend nutrition class with me in Jan. One other supplement that I highly recommend is called Juice Plus+ (vegetable and orchard blends.) These have had the sugar removed, and have been studied thouroughly by numerous universities- including MD Anderson Cancer center.

I feel better when I am fighting this disease, instead of doing nothing about it at all. It gives me some sense of control. Will it work??? I hope so. Most importantly, one must have to have faith that God will heal them! You also have to believe in the cure! Remember, drugs like aspirin come from God's nature like Willow bark! Never underestimate the greatest healer of them all, our "Lord!!!"


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This is so interesting and I feel the same as you. Now that surgery and chemo are over, I am trying to do all I can to stay healthy, but except for diet and exercise, there is not much I can do. I am working with supplements right now (see my post about two down from here) and want to add more. I just have to know that I am being proactive about all this. I wish you good luck with your course, and please keep posting about it--I am interested in what develops with your choice of treatment. Good luck--


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Guest Michael

Why just one coffee enema a month? Should be several a week. In another post in this section, I mentioned adding one ounce of fresh wheatgrass. Another type enema is distilled water, lemon juice and liquid garlic.

The only effective method of removing poisons and toxins from the body is FASTING. I would recommend a water/vegetable juice fast for at least 7 days (more would be much better). When Fasting, 4 Quarts a day is recommended. Purchase a book on Fasting such as "Juice Fasting & Detoxification", by Steve Meyerowitz & Michael Perman($8.75). I've done 4 Fasts over the years but not at home. I went to a Health Resort in Florida where Fasting is supervised by the Health Director. When you Fast you cleanse the entire body and not just the gallbladder and liver. Don't look for short cuts. For cancer patients very long Fasts are recommended (21+ days). Nice way to starve and attack the cancer.

In conjunction with Fasting you must cleanse the colon of debris. I would recommend as many Colonics as it takes. This is the most effective method. Read books on the importance of colon cleansing such as "Cleanse & Purify Thyself", by Richard Anderson. There are others, do a search. Nutrition & Supplements won't be effective if your colon is not clean.

Comment: Starting with the 3d Day of Fasting the poisons and toxins will be released from your body with vengence especially from the skin and mouth. Your tongue will turn pure white. You will have strong body odor which means 3 showers a day. You'll initially have headaches but they will go away after a few days. When Fasting you must rest meaning no physical activity or driving. Most of the day is spent sleeping, napping and just doing nothing plus drinking lots of water. Water should be at room temperture. At the conclusion of the Fast you will feel incredible and your entire body will be truly detoxified. The Health Director will teach you how to break the fast (very important).

Comment: Colonics. How many do you need? The practioner will know when your colon is clean. They can tell through a plastic or glass tube that the water entering your colon is coming out clean. This could take 10+ colonics. Each session is 45 minutes.

I don't believe I'm allowed to mention the name of the Health Resort. Give you a hint. It's located in Hallendale, Florida. Do a Spa Search. Very moderate prices. While you're there they give lectures on what to eat, how to shop for food and how to prepare food. Cooking lessons included. This is a strict vegetarian resort. You will leave with a cook book. Brilliant Health Director. This resort takes health very seriously. They have a very loyal following. On the Ocean. Resort has a website.

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