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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Well, it's time--we'll take off for points South today. I am disappointed we won't take the scenic route (81 and 70-something) because of the weather. We'll hug the coast because of the floods in VA and GA. Hope all our LCSC friends in those neck of the woods are safe and dry.

I am afraid I miscalculated yesterday. I went into energy bunny mode and overdid it big-time. Was out flat last night and took the mega Tylenol to go to sleep. Seems as soon as I start feeling really good I have to test it out and see how far I can go. Don't plan on doing that again any time soon. Will pace myself through the stowing this morning. I don't dry my clothes all the way and have laundry hanging all over the coach. Pretty site. Thank goodness we don't have a firm departure time in mind.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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Morning, a bit nicer night last night. Sunday we got snow and 90 mph winds. Today is the first day of fall, pretty wild weather this year. I have still been sooooo sick and on a bunch of O2 just to be able to get up the stairs to the kitchen. I'm ready to feel better and I know it can't be that far away. That chemo sure kicked my butt.

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Well it will be beautiful and 92 degrees here today in Washington.

Judy - Take it easy. Remember it will always be waiting for you, and if not well then thank the ol' hubby for doing it for you whatever it may be :D

Dahknee - I too hope you start feeling better here real soon. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Also make sure you don't over do it either. :D

Well off to the magical kingdom of work! :roll:

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I am afraid I miscalculated yesterday. I went into energy bunny mode and overdid it big-time.

Judy, one of my worst Carbo/Alimta cycles was 2 cycles ago, when I packed a lot of activity into the afternoon and full day after my infusion, when I was still on the Decadron tablets and the bunny was still in Energizer mode. When the fatigue hit on the next day, it was worse than usual and extended for most of the 3 weeks. Of course my RBC, HGB, and HCT counts were still down, so that might have been most of it. Anyway, I've resolved to not overdo it on my steroid "up" days, like today (heading down the hill for my infusion shortly) and tomorrow. My visiting daughters can have my car and do their thing. They've both lived here and visit about once a year, so they know their way around.

The weather has been gorgeous recently, not still and hot humid like many Septembers. Keeping those tradewinds blowing just a little makes a huge difference. Aloha,


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On the road again, da da da da on the road again!

Look at me, internet in the middle of the day. We're just going round Washington after a slow leisurely start. Got off around 9:30 am then stopped at our favorite roadstand for apples and corn. Stan who gets up with the chickens eats breakfast around 6:30 or 7:00. Way too early for me so by the time we left the roadstand I was hungry. He surprised me by stopping for me to get breakfast at a country diner. Hey, I could get real used to this new laid back guy.

Donnie, I hope you are feeling better soon. I can't believe what's happening with me. Could a remission be far away? I don't want to be overly optomistic but even feeling tired today after overdoing yesterday, I feel pretty darned good. Oh, and by the way, was that you I saw on the TV weather yesterday with the snowflakes falling lol?

Heidi, I hope this day passes very quickly for you. Tomorrow is Wednesday and remember, you get to play cause your house is clean! Hope you have lots of fun planned.

Ned, glad to hear you plan on taking it easy. The girls sound very well equipped to have fun. They'll enjoy visiting with you and Lani more if you're rested when they are at your home.

Have a great day everyone. I'm going to spend some time finally emptying my email box.

Judy just past Washington DC

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