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Friday's Air


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Morning All! Ann and Bud, I'm here to announce IT'S FRIDAY! Don't know about you Floridians up there aways but we're due for a cool-down here by Sunday. I think it's going to be in the sixties at night and the low eighties in the daytime. Yeahhhh, my favorite weather.

I'm on my way out soon to get my haircut. I told my friend I'd take her to KMart after I get my flu shot. Wish I hadn't. The fatigue is hanging on but have to admit, I stayed up until eleven. One of those nights when you can hardly keep your eyes open at seven and by ten I'm wide awake.

Hope you all have a great day.

Judy in Key West

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H everyone. I wish I could say it is a good morning but it isn't. Just too much going on in my life right now. I have to just stand back for a while and regroup my senses.

I hope you rest and feel stronger soon Judy and that Will's sugery will take care of him. As for me I think maybe I will go for a long walk. I can't seem to concentrate on anything this morning.

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I guess because it is Friday no one is around.

My day is ending better than it started. I am afraid that I should have stayed away this morning. I sure don't want to bring anyone down just because I am.

I was really struggling with my relationship with Terry. I think that we have pretty much decide to just be really good friends. We both have too much baggage and to tell the truth we agree that we like each other too much to be more. There are a lot of other reasons but for the most part we both care a lot and that won't change. Funny thing is as it turns out the age issue has never really been a problem. That was just my insecurities.

So hopefully I will be a little bit more sunny the next time I come here. I had some good experiences today after all. I did go for a power walk this morning. That is something that I never do but for some reason I needed that. Then on to fitness class. After that I got on the bus and rode around then went for Chinese.

Riding the bus has its drawbacks but today it had something special for me. I saw that the rain didn't knock off all of the leaves and they are really getting pretty. One place on top of the overpass you can look ahead and see Mt. Shasta with her new covering of snow and to the right you can see Mt. Lassen with a new white top too. That was something I really needed today and as always it helped to settle my anxieties and spinning thoughts.

Another thing that happened really made me feel better. I have always known that one of my clients son is a bus driver. I had never met him but took care of his dad for several months. I also knew his daughter and little grand daughter. Well today he was driving one of the buses that I was on. I introduced myself and he remembered me. I found out that his dad and the girls are doing great and he is going to pass on my love to them. Some days the rewards from that job still find me. Today was a perfect day to have that come to me.

So goodnight all. I have some writing and other stuff to do then a movie to watch. It is a comedy and couldn't be more perfect timing. :!:

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