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A letter from Heaven


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I felt your soft touch and heard your mournful cry.

You knew I was leaving, but you couldn't grasp "why".

You held onto my hand, your heart heavy with gloom,

As I passed from this lifetime and rose up from the room.

It happened so quickly, in the blink of an eye.

My heart was too weak. No strength for "goodbye".

You saw it, I know, how the light drained from my face,

But you missed HIS great GLORY as it lit up the place.

I yearned so to hold you and say, "It's okay",

But HE took my hand and said, "Let's be on our way."

Please don't grieve for me now, love, for I have not died.

HE just put out this lamp for my dawn has arrived.

Though I'll miss you intensely, as I know you'll miss me,

HE has places to take me, and wondrous things I shall see.

I've been reborn to a place you can't now understand;

A place of Glory, and Peace, nestled in HIS right hand.

Yet I'll be with you always, only a faint breath away.

My love shall be with you every moment...every day.

And although I don't know yet every step of HIS plan,

Rest secure in the knowledge that we WILL meet again!

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