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Christmas in anothers home


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Well.... I spent Christmas in another families house... "the family a distant relation to my boyfr felt "bad" for us cause my 32 year old boyfriend lost both parents to cancer by age 26... and due to my job we couldn't fly to the east coast to see my family. We showed up with gifts and cheer ready to celebrate but were horrified to discover bickering family members fighting over gifts, the cooking, cleaning up etc... they seem stressed but... not by Lungcancer or anything that seemed important ! Would it take cancer to make them treat each other lovingly? I hope not! I hope that they realize how lucky they are to be together ... but I don't think so!

Good thing I brought some whhhhine!

Felt like the twilight zone to me!

lOL :D:D

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We know how important our family is to each of us who have been put into this nightmare of lung cancer. It really is a shame others do not learn from what we have been through.

Bet you were glad to leave.

Thanks for sharing.

Take care, I hope you have a nicer new years.

Much love,


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I'm sorry you two found yourselves in that situation. Hope you were able to get away......fast.

Unfortunately, the way those folks treated one another on Christmas Day is probably the same way they treat one another every other day of the year.

Write them a letter....send them a thank you card for thinking of you, but throw in there that you feel sorry for them because they don't appear to care very much for one another. Maybe it will shake them up...or maybe not. I don't know.....folks like that? It takes more than the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, Future to fundamentally change someone.

Hoping you two have a Happier New Year's Eve...

Fay A.

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Can't say that lung cancer has made my life rosy with my new-found family. MY family is very close and tiptoeing around arguments, but my spouse's first family are like the family you described. I believe I'm viewed as "weak" by the parasites now that I have been through the cancer mill - see, they have never taken the time to get to know me or they'd know that I'm NOT "fluff" (well, I think they're all learning - this "hot house flower" does well in the snow!).

Christmas with them would be deemed "trying" by a saint!

...some people just never get it.

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