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An interesting thing happened to me today...


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My dad had a very strange relationship with his family. He barely knew his own father. His mother was estranged from most of HER family, so we knew very little about them either.

After my dad's major illness began back in 2005, we started trying to find out all we could. My mom (his ex wife) is an expert at genealogy and managed to find a fair amount of information, but no amount of data could replace knowing stories and real people from my dad's past. My dad was very grateful for what little she found, but always wanted more.

Today, I received a phone call from a cousin I never knew I had. He and I shared the same grandfather. He had been looking for my dad for years but could never find him....until this past Saturday when he googled my dad's name and found my posts here about him, and his obituary that I had written.

Irony....that my dad's family found him only through his death. Irony....that my dad wanted so much to know about them all....Irony that I came here YESTERDAY (Sunday) and tried to erase as much personal data about my dad and myself that I could because I felt so exposed having it all out there on the internet.

I'm putting it all back! :D


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Lisa I have been working on my family tree off and on for 9 years. When I first started I had posted a question with my grandmother's name. Not until Spring of 06 did I get an email from my cousin's son. A cousin that I had only met once over 40 years ago.

That one email let to another cousin and now we not only talk but I visit her in Bakersfield every year on my way to Louisiana. Through her whom I had never met I also met her brother and sister and all of their children. They are my first cousins on my Dad's side. So now I also got in touch with two more cousins on his side and my Dad's half brother.

I think any time we have something out there sooner or later it is bound to lead us to some family we need to know.

Now if I could just find my Johnny's two oldest kids it would make me happy.

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