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Hi, I am Dorsey..husband has stage III-B lung cancer


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I am not sure if I introduced myself on this site in the past mo...

so much going on....My husband was diagnosed with stage III-B lung cancer, inoperable due to the fact that it is behind his heart in his chest wall.... No treatment started yet....was told that his cancer is fast growing and aggressive....6 wks. have passed...scheduled for chemo & rad. last Wed...... had meeting with surgeon who gave us hope that he could do surgery !!!! ( Rad & Chemo. was canceled which was only scheduled to lessen his chest pain & cough ) Took our hope for surgery away 2 days later...no surgery..

He has had all the test, scans, oncology meeting, biopsies, this week: lung scan, pet scan, but no treatment started yet....Next appt. is on the 17th with Radiation & on to oncologist on the 20th.... Stressful is an under statement of this emotional roller coaster... Communication with anyone in similar situation greatly appreciated ( or have had some experience with Lung cancer )... send email !

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Hi again! Yes, you did introduce yourself a couple of days ago. Here's the thread with your posts and several responses:

http://lungevity.org/l_community/viewto ... highlight=

Part of the discussion was on the length of time to start treatment. Here's an article that appeared since you raised that question:

http://cancergrace.org/lung/2009/11/06/ ... -survival/

GRACE — Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education — is led by Dr. Howard "Jack" West, a Seattle oncologist who is an internationally-recognized expert on lung cancer and who gives high priority to promptly answering questions online. A lot of us are "dual citizens" and have the same usernames there as here. Aloha,


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Dorsey--It's easy to feel overwhelmed, especially in the beginning. Ned gave you some good resources. We can also try to answer any specific questions you might have. Sometimes it takes a little while to decide on the bext treatment and that feels frustrating, but is very common. That said, waiting too long before action is taken is not good under any circumstances. Sometime you have to be forceful in your advocacy to make sure that your husband doesn't get lost among all of the doctors and tests.


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