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tarceva - side effects


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Richard, my dentist recommended Biotene products. I used their mouthwash, which was very gentle (no alcohol) and soothing. They also make a toothpaste which you might try. Instead, I used baking soda and water during the most tender months, then switched to a TINY amount of regular Colgate or whatever. If I had it to do over again I'd probably try the Biotene toothpaste.


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A second on the Biotene products. And the mouth issue is a tough one, and one that even the folks that make Tarceva told me they had no recommendation for my sister on how to handle it. In the end, she had to dose-reduce as the mouth pain ended up with her just shutting down on any eating and her electrolytes plummeted and she ended up in the hospital. Not to worry you, but to caution you, so that if you have as much trouble, you don't let it get as out of control as she did. :) She's been on 50 mg for over a year now and her mouth is fie.

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