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I need a hall pass......


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OK I have been holding off on requesting a hall pass thinking I might be able to get on and do things. Well I have been having issues with my eyes and ears causing severe dizziness so can't stay on long, started my NEW full time job on Monday (which is all computer work, so my eyes are going nuts), and we are moving this weekend so lets just say when I do have time I dont feel like I can get on cause of my eyes. Hopefully within the next week or two I can get used to my schedule and routine get my ears figured out pick up my eye glasses and be like new again. Until then I wont be around much. :cry:

But of course my prayers continue....

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Thanks for letting us know so we don't worry. Hopefully you can get some new glasses and get that hearing checked out and come back to us soon. But, in the meantime have fun moving LOL (I always hated moving)

I'll be think of you! :wink:

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