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Friday's Air


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What? Where is everyone this morning? I wonder if all of you are so full of turkey you can't get out of bed today! LOL

It's another one of those mornings where I don't know what the weather is like because it still dark outside. I got up again about 2am this morning. I gotta figure out a way to change my routine I suppose.

I did however call the telephone company at 3am because I've been having issues with incoming calls. People tell me that sometimes they get recordings that my number is no longer in service. This is the last thing I need while I'm waiting for a call on that job huh? ughhh

Right now I'm having some coffee and pumpkin pie. I was too full to eat any of it last night but noticed my son ate half of it! Oh well, he's a growing boy, right?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had our celebration of life for my husband. I sat a place for him at the head of the table and my son and I shared good memories of him.

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Morning All! I came onsite and clicked "Posts since your last visit" and there was Friday's Air. Thanks Michelle. It sounds like you planned the perfect Thanksgiving for you and your son to celebrate Donald's life. Good job.

Thanksgiving was nice. A lot of work for Wendy and I for two people though. Dominick doesn't eat much Thanksgiving food. I had a terrible muscle ache all day in my right calf. I was so tired from our preps that I fell asleep on the couch pretty quickly after dinner. Bed at 9:15 pm. Feel pretty good this morning.

I was up early this morning because I was freezing and my hubby wasn't here to put on the heat and take the chill off like he usually does. Had to do it myself. My twenty-plus years of thin KW blood does not appreciate 40-degree weather. Well, it was 40-something. The coach has porcelin (sp?) tile and it is the coldest floor going.

Started to gather things to pack. I'm bringing Dominick over to help load the car later. I've even worked out already and had a left-over turkey dinner for breakfast lol. I did it like I should have done yesterday--weighed and measured everything and came in less than one-half the WW points as yesterday. Hey, it was Thanksgiving, o.k.

Hope to go with my daughter and get a pedicure today. She's still trying to get me to go shopping. She originally didn't want to go when I offered to keep Dom with me while she went. This girl does not do black Friday.

Hope you have a great day--shopping or not.

Judy in Key West

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Morning all. I had a great thanksgiving (even with my in-laws) actually felt pretty good too.

Well it is raining here still or again or whatever either way it is wet.

Has anyone heard of a Chiari Malformation? Anyways that is what I have been diagnosed with thus far and is probably the culprit of my symptoms so I am hoping someone here has heard of it.

Hope you all have a great day I am working all day but traffic was not bad coming in hopefully wont be bad going home.

Happy black Friday!

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