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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Just a quick start to the day today. It's looks beautiful outside. Haven't gone out or checked the temps but assume it's a little chilly since I've had a sweater on in the house.

I started "using" coffee a little more since being in PSL. Yesterday I made a morning pot that amounted to about three mugs. Then I went to town and had a small latte. Consequently, was up until midnight. Was on here typing a very long post working through some feelings (positive) around 11 pm. I was just thinking it was long but if anyone was interested in reading it, they would quit if they got bored. If they kept reading, it was probably because they connected with what I was saying. At that point, I did something inadvertantly and lost the whole post. LOL

New rule: Limit newspaper reading and computer time after I get out of bed to 1 hr (from 2 or more) before getting up and doing something constructive. This is in addition to the rule to come here before going on facebook. Have read the paper and checked email--its already into an hour and a half. Bye.

Judy in Key West

P.S. Bruce I saw that comment on the bugs. No bugs when we're out on the water fishing lol.

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Good morning, Judy! Good morning, everyone!

Judy, I'm always posting long winded ride reports in my recumbent forum (I always figure the same thing, that if anyone begins to nod off while reading them, they can always just stop reading and move on). I've learned to type my report (or other long winded post) into a text editor, saving it every few minutes, then copy and paste into the forum reply area after I'm finished. That way, I never lose much.

It was 44 degrees when I hopped on the bike at 5:25 this morning, and the north wind was really blowing hard, so it was a chilly ride in to work. Sunshine and a tailwind should make the ride home easier.

Tomorrow, the forecast high is 47 degrees, with wind and rain. Now where did I put those truck keys?

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That's a good idea Bud. By text editor, do you mean something like Windows Notepad? I work through ideas or feelings best by talking them through with a live person or, lacking that, writing it out but "to someone." Journaling doesn't work for me anymore. I have to write like someone is listening. I could write "as though" I were doing the actual post and when I'm done, make a conscious decision to actually paste it into a thread or not. When I lost the post last night, I told myself it was probably for the best. I often reveal too much of myself in those kind of posts.

Please, yes, take the truck tomorrow lol.

Judy in Key West

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"jaminkw"]That's a good idea Bud. By text editor, do you mean something like Windows Notepad?

Yes, Notepad works. I use Scite.

I've never managed to get into doing a journal or blog, either. But I can blab away in a forum. If I had known what a journey cancer would turn into, maybe I would have made myself do a blog.

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