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Thursday's Air


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I may as well jump in here and get Air moving this morning. I know everyone is busy at this time of year and the MB really slows down a lot.

Not too much new happening here on Florida's Space Coast. My son gets his masters degree today and I am one proud and happy mom!!!

The days are really going fast this week and I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already....yahoo!!! Tonight, I'm making about a kazillion peanut butter balls, aka Peanut Butter Buckeyes. My family loves these little candies and I can't ever seem to make enough to last through Christmas. Although they're relatively easy to make, there's a lot of time and steps involved and I'm completely done in when I finally finish. My oldest son and his little family are having their Christmas party on Saturday night and have requested that I bring these for the party.

Tomorrow night, we will be meeting at our American Legion Post to wrap presents for our Kid's Christmas Party on Saturday. It should be a great party and the kids all get gifts. Santa and the North Pole Gang will be attending. The party if from 1-3 and then I'm straight off to my son's party. It's getting to be that crazy time of the year...rush, rush, rush.

I'm trying to stay busy and not think about what time of year this really is and trying desperately to not let my mind wander back to seven years ago. But, as you all know, there is little that we can do to keep from remembering the dates that our lives changed forever.

Thanks for being here for me during tough times!!! I love and appreciate all of you!!!

Oh...almost forgot the weather report. It's 71 degrees now and the temps are dropping all day. By 5:00 today (when I go home) it's supposed to be down to 60.

Have a wonderful and warm day!!!


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