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Hi Everyone

I have been snowbound sense late Sunday night. No computer, no lights no phone and no heat. I had a lot of time to just sit and think. I came up with an idea that looks pretty good to me so I have decided to go with it.

I wrote a message that I am going to send to all of my family and friends. It may not do a lot but again who knows. I think it is time we get our message to as many as we can on a personal level. Just in speaking to family in the past week I have learned of two extended family members with lung cancer and one that died Christmas day. I also heard a lot of the attitude that we are hoping to change. That is one of the reasons for my message. I envite you to read it and if you like do the same thing I am doing. Feel free to add anything I may have missed. Lillian

My Message

I am sending this letter to all of my family and friends with one simple request. I ask that you read it, think about it and pass it along to others.

I make no promises of miracles in your life within a certain amount of days. My only promise is that you may become a part of a ripple of understanding. Just remember every tidal wave starts as a ripple somewhere.

Lung Cancer!!! Two of the most frightening words there are!. Every year thousands of people around the world fight this beast. The disease itself plays havoc with a persons life. Add the stigma and attitude that accompany those words and often the beast becomes twice as deadly.

Lung cancer is one of the largest killers in the world. Every year it takes more lives than most other cancers combined yet research into the causes and treatment are the most under funded. Why?

Sense smoking has become associated with lung cancer it has become known as a smokers disease.That is very misleading. A large percentage of people who develope lung cancer don't smoke, never have smoked and have never been exposed to excessive amounts of cigarett smoke. Of all the people who smoke 15 % will develope lung cancer. What protects the other 85%?

I am not saying that smoking does not play a part in developing lung cancer. I am certain it does just as asbestos and radon do. Could not all of these things only be triggers not the cause? No one knows because of the lack of research.

Lets say you have 100 people in a room with one large bowl of potato salad. If 30 of them become extemely ill you would investigate. If you found out that 15 people ate the potato salad you would investigate more. Upon learning that only one of the people who had the potato salad was ill would you assume that they all had food poisoning?

My example may not be the best but it is close to what has happend to research into the causes of lung cancer. If the cause is never known for sure how can a cure be found?

There is also another side to the problems caused by attitude. The survival statistics are very low. Because of that most people hear the words and think of death. That attitude can lead to behavior that keeps the statistics low. That happens for 2 reasons. Hope is taken away and the very people that a person with lung cancer has to trust their life to have little belief that a person can beat the beast.

With any other sickness encluding other kinds of cancer doctors face it with the attitude that it can be beaten. They are cautious with treatment and will not give any medications that could be detrimental. Lung cancer is a different story!

When I questioned a professional about giving medications that were advised against or mixing medications that were warned against I got a very frightening answer. I was told that once lung cancer is diagnosed all precaustions are no longer considered. I can not help but wonder if this were changed or these deadly coctails listed as the cause of death once in a while how much would the statistics change?

While searching for a way to make a difference and change these attitudes as well as help me to handle my own loss, I came across a message board called "lung cancer survivers for change". There are many loving and wonderful people there. We share fear, triumph and heartache. We console those of us who have suffered the loss of a loved one as only those who have been there can. We have many things in common. We are all survivers. Some are long term survivers for many years and others like myself are caregivers who have lost a loved one. Many are still engaged in the hardest battle of their lives either as the patient themselves or loved ones who are being taken along for the ride. We have no funding yet our group works relentlessly to get the word out and change the stigma and attitude toward lung cancer. We send letters to congress and the media requesting more research funding and support for changing these attitudes. I personaly want to carry it one step further. I believe there is a need to reach out to people on a personal level. That is the reason for this letter.

We have at our fingertips the fastest medium for sending information. The internet and spacifically email. I am asking you to pass this letter along. Help me start a ripple. Then maybe somday you or one of your loved ones will have a better chance of survival should you ever hear the dreaded words "lung cancer"

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