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Can't pinpoint infection with fever and sclc


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Hello everyone,

I have a question for you.

I wrote a few weeks back about my mom in OH and we are in TX.

We were able to make the trip for Christmas, but the day after they put mom in the hospital b/c of fever. (She has her first round of chemo and radiation last week. SCLC/with mets to the liver and all four parts of the brain.)

She has been in the hospital since Friday on four different antibiotics. So far... none are working.

The doctors are stumped. They have sent in an infectious disease doc and he couldn't figure it out either.

Has anyone had this before or know of someone who has?

My BIG dilemma:

We are set to leave today to go back to TX. My husband is a pastor and has got to get back for this weekend. We're driving and needless to say, this is a looooong trip.

I'm waiting for the doctor to call me later. The car is packed and we've said our goodbyes if need be. But I'm wondering... do we go? I am so lost I don't know what to do.

My sister talked to the nurse at the hospital and she did say that if they can't find the reason for the fever it can kill her, b/c they can't treat it. They say there is no reason that she should still have it. ??????

Is she dying? I know that nobody can answer that for me. BUT please, if you have ever dealt with a situation like this or close to this, I desperately would like to hear the outcome and conclusion of it.

Thank you all so much. I so appreciate having this board to come and ask this...

In His care


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As you can see by my signature line I have SCLC, I had a fever a couple of times this past June. On both occassions I went to the Emergency Room to have them check my blood, my blood counts were okay so I was sent home and the fever went away by itself. I was told by the Oncologist that tumors can cause a fever at times, I did not have any other infection, just the fever.

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Same here. I had low grade temps 99-101 for several months. I was in the hospital a few times when they stayed at 101 then go home on antibiotics. Finally-no reason to say they just stopped. Your mom sounds more serious. You are in my prayers as is your mom. What a difficult time for you. My son lives in NC and when I was first diagnosed I wasn't given much time. He moved back here to be close but after a year he decided to move back out there. He has since gotten married and I am still here. :D Only God knows when I will go home. Keep in touch with your mom's Dr. and try to visit when you can.

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Thank you so much for your replies. I do feel a little better about it.

We decided to come home. I've got a plane ticket to head back at (almost) anytime. I'm going to get my family settled here and then head back.

Mom is still in the hospital (and not at ALL happy about it). Her fever ranges from 101 - 103+. They still do not have a reason for it.

Thanks again and blessings to all of you.


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