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Michael Jackson?


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What happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law after the hearing of all legal evidence by a group of one's peers? My community is going to be ripped apart by the circus put forth by the media over this case. I would hope that at least some people would try thinking about that for a few minutes.

And no...this is not the Dexamethazone speaking...it's me...Fay A. who has had it up to her eyeballs with the BS on both sides of the judicial system here.

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Actually, this is the joke going around on the web about the disguises the Iraqi president wore that kept him from getting captured for so long. It's not really about MJ at all.

DaveG thought it was a funny one and asked Rick to post it several days back.



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Sorry, Katie. It's just that this is very "close to home", and the whole media circus makes life rough. No wonder Santa Barbara didn't want the trial held in it's courthouse! Part of the problem is that Mr. Jackson is well known in this area for his philantrophic work with disadvantaged children through the Department of Social Services. Well known in this area not because he boasts about it, but because so many people work with at risk youth in the communities of Santa Maria and Lompoc. These are smart people who genuinely care for the children under there supervision.

So hope you'll understand. His trial is making life difficult right now, and I'm still trying to be fair. Members of my family have received jury summoms....and that could interfere with my medical appointments down south later this month. I know...I'm being self centered. It would just be easier if the whole thing were taken more seriously...because the subject is serious.


Fay A.

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Fay and others:

Katie is exactly right about the circulation of this picture.

I can relate to media frenzies. I live about 15 miles from the prison where Jeff Dahmer was imprisoned. The day he was killed, that small town, Portage, WI, had to call in police from surrounding communities, and the State Parol, just to control all the media who inundated the town within one hour of the news that Jeff Dahmer was killed. As the county had jurisdiction, Scarver was tried at the local courthouse. Scarver said he was innocent, so they had to go into a full fledged trial. The trial lasted one week, and the only place anyone could get a hotel room was Wisconsin Dells, 15 miles away in the other direction.

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