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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! I was so excited when I got up this morning and the temp was already 73. I haven't seen a 70s morning temp in so long. Does this mean we will be hot as hades in a week's time? lol

We are hosting our investment club tonight and have a number of chores to do yet. Asking myself why I'm still tarrying at the computer.

Hope you all have a good day.


P.S. Ned, if you don't see this, I'll post in an appropriate site. Why can't I access "Posts since your last visit" on Foxfire. I have to go out and come back in on IE.

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good morning!

In CT it is a beautiful spring day! The doors are open, the birds are singing the sky is blue! Another Spring! :D

All of my kids are home for the weekend, just because, which is a great reason! Tonight I will drive them all back to their school and homes and then spend the night in Boston with my girls. Tomorrow I will meet my college roommate (who was also my maid of honor) for lunch in Boston. I have not seen her in 24 years - we reconnected through facebook.

I have been helping my sister out for the last two weeks - she had a double mastectomy and has been in a lot of pain. It is all too familiar, the mutliple doctors appts., the statistics being thrown at you, the scheduling - it is all so exhausting for the patient (and caregiver!)

have a wonderful day everybody!!! It's SPRING!!


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Why can't I access "Posts since your last visit" on Foxfire. I have to go out and come back in on IE.

You're logged in and still can't see posts since last visit? My Firefox is working fine. Probably something in your cookies is messed up. Try deleting them and see if it starts working then.

It's sort of warm out here this morning too! Aloha,


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