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2 Years


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Today is 2 years since Bill left this earth. I'm doing good. I've been staying very busy with kids, grand kids, volunteering, traveling and whatever else I can do to keep sane. I miss Bill terribly but I don't miss his suffering. I still come to this site almost daily and it breaks my heart to see so many still suffering and dying from lung cancer. I hate it, but as we have all said, it is what it is. Much love to you all who are bravely fighting this horrible disease and to all the caregivers still caring for their loved ones. I wish you all a blessed Easter.

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Wow Laurie, it is hard to believe it's been that long. I'm sure for you it seems longer sometimes and at other times like yesterday. It is good to hear you are doing pretty good. Keeping busy is important and I'm glad you have kids and grandkids as well. I miss seeing you here. I miss many of our old friends who for one reason or another don't come here anymore. But knowing you are 'out there' reading is comforting.

Thanks for checking in and thanks for all you've done to supprt those of us still here. I will remember you and Bill for my entire lifetime. All here are so very special. And a very blessed Easter to you as well.


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Laurie, so glad you stopped by. It's god to hear you are moving forward in spite of missing Bill. I do understand the need of people, particularly caretakers, needing to move on from the site. But those of us still here appreciate hearing how life is treating you as time goes by. I hope yesterday passed gently for you.


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