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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! It appears a new feature of the upgraded website tells us when another post to a topic has occurred while we were preparing a post. That is very cool. Maybe it will help us with our duplicate Airs lol.

No interesting info about KW today. I'm too psyched by my talk and walk on the net with my friend Mary about the cruise Stan and I are taking with them and two other couples. O.k., it's not til Feb '11 but we haven't taken a real vacation in years and years. With us traveling is always connected to visiting the kids, working the business or repairing the RV. It's an ultimate Caribbean Cruise on Celebrity cruise lines' Equinox. We'll stop in Cozmel and Costa Rica among other islands with the ultimate destination Panama. The destinations are really incidental to us--it's the great company we'll be in that counts. All people from grade school and high school. Cool huh!

I know, I'm up early, actually since 5:45 altho I did go to bed early. Still waking in the night too. I think this is pretty normal for me a couple of weeks before scans.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Morning all.

Happy Earth Day.

Save those coffee grounds and egg shells and use them as fertilizer on your rose bushes. OK, nuff said about that.

Judy in KW. Isn't it great to have something to look forward to? For me, it's what keeps me going. I'm planning a trip in August and driving to WI to stay with family then take a ferry across Lk Michigan, travel through MI and Canada to Niagara Falls and up the coast of Lake Ontario to stay with a friend and see upstate NY. I'll complete the trip by driving down the East Coast back to Florida in October. The fun will be traveling with family and girlfriends. Bill and I traveled in our RV from 2002 till 2007. We crammed in alot in the short time he had of retirement and I cherish every second of those days. I'm just carrying on the tradition.[/color]

Have a great Earth Day, everyone

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Heyall, I sure agree about having something to look forward to keeping us going. For me it's a family reunion in Colorado in June and meeting one of my stepdaughters for the first time. The oxygen thingy for me makes traveling such a nuisance, I have to make sure that I have enough or am connected well enough to get what I need. Seems now this breathing thingy has become a big part of my life, heck I always thought it just came with the territory.

Had a weird experience last night. My neighbor came over about 8 oclock and said, "you can call 911 and tell them Brandy Taylor is at my house, they are looking for her." I asked what the address was over there and he told me and then he said, "don't tell them I told you". I was a bit freaked out, I didn't call 911 but I did call the police dispatch and told them the story and they said they would investigate. No one ever showed up over there that I know of. It was so weird. He is a pretty strange fellow and the whole situation scared me but I didn't want to over-react. The guy will be walking down the street and stop and talk to trees or cars or bushes. He seems to be a few fries short of a happy meal, he doesn't seem dangerous just maybe a his wheels are too close together for the track he's on.

Well I'm seeing my pulmo today and get another chest exray, I really wish this congestion and cough would clear up. I'll prolly post later to report his findings, hopefully good news.

Later all,

One good deed leads to another,


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Argg. We got to Tampa at midnight, east coast time and stayed awake until almost 3 am (only midnight by my clock) but by 8:30 east coast time I could not sleep. Good for getting me going here, but my eyes hurt. I predict a nap later in the day.

The room we are in has a view of the river and the University (I think.) Last night, the neighbors were pretty noisy, sounded like post-drinking conversation, but we just turned on the TV and didn't notice them. Hoping they are leaving.

Earlier this week, I stepped into the yard for a few minutes, and when I came in, knew I had been bit on the back of right leg. Turned out to be two bites on the calf, as well as 9 on the left thigh! I am guessing fleas rather than spiders. Our cats don't have them, but me? They itch like crazy. Kind of hoped I wasn't so sweet anymore. This does not bode well for the summer insect problem. I think we already lost our rhubarb plant to slugs or something...

NLCP Summit starts this evening - I'll be on the look out for Debi and Tammy. Anyone else?

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 60 degrees as I rode to work this morning. The forecast high for this afternoon is 76 degrees, a really nice day, but that south wind will be tough to ride home against.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be coming to work a half hour earlier. They've finally increased the hourly employees hours again, so we salaried people get to come in earlier, too. It means that instead of getting up at dark thirty to come to work, I'll now be getting up at dark o'clock.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all! Well I am still young and raising my kids I think the last place I travelled was to the ball field and will probably be the next lol.

Anyways, suppose to be pretty here in Washington a high of 62 degrees and mostly sunny. So happy it is Thursday one day closer to the weekend....

Not much to report other than:



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